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Merge branch 'master' into wiispeak

# By Ryan Houdek (295) and others
# Via Matthew Parlane (37) and others
* master: (1391 commits)
  [Android] Disable the workaround for Qualcomm devices with driver >= 53 for the rotated framebuffer since it is fixed now.
  [Android] Broken UBOs has been fixed in Adreno driver v53, so update the comment in DriverDetails.h. Also enable dynamic UBO array member access with that version since there is a high chance of it being fixed. Dynamic UBO member access is commonly noticed with character models being terrible looking.
  [Android] Simplify the AboutFragmentAdapter a little bit.
  [Android] Externalize the device compatibility warning strings.
  [Android] Indicate whether or not the device supports NEON within the About fragment.
  [Android] Get rid of some unnecessary variables in the getView() methods of some adapters.
  [Android] Spawn a message if someone's phone doesn't support NEON. NEON is a requirement for Dolphin Mobile on ARM, CPU core will crash without it.
  Fix introduced ImageWrite warning.
  Fixed console commands not registering. Code cleanup.
  Fix OS X wxWidgets complaining.
  Fix GUI-less build. Also potentially OS X. We now require libpng due to our screenshot code relying on it now. WXWidgets links in libpng by itself so it isn't noticed in a wxwidgets build. OS X seems to not have libpng linked in from wxWidgets so just link in libpng at all times.
  Goto crosses initialization error. Sorry.
  Reworked Screenshot saving. Now OGL doesn't rely on WX for PNG saving. FlipImageData supports (pixel data len > 3) now. TextureToPng is now in ImageWrite.cpp/h Video Common depends on zlib and png. D3D no longer depends on zlib and png.
  Fixed ZComploc and Zfreeze values being incorrectly saved.
  More warning fixes, OSX build fix.
  Use libpng for saving images. TODO: Needs threading done similiar to OGL backend. Fixes issue 6779.
  build fix
  more warning fixes
  atlbase not needed. Interim fix until I get png done.
  Windows requires memory to be included to use unique_ptr