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- Added a new wilcard for importing savegames, which basically shows all saves (gci, gcs and sav). This is set as default (I really got frustrated of having to change the type every single time when making tests for GCMM, and I think it makes more sense at user level to just show all saves regardless the format)

- In icon retrieving I removed the "format check" as it shouldn't really matter to have mixed icon formats. Also removed the "Time splitters hack" as there's no reason for it since we are only checking the last 3 bits and I'm pretty sure having bits 1 and 2 set is the same as having them unset.
- Icon retrieving uses AnimSpeed as stop signal (every icon must have an speed set, the first speed that is 0 means there are no more icons)
- Also, in icon retrieving I added support for "blank frames"(Luigi's Mansion and Pikmin that I know of). With this the base for icon animation is complete.
- Fixed PSOIII savegame patch which was wrong before.

Signed-off-by: LPFaint99 <>