4.0-261 8 år sedan [Android] Fix MIPS compiling.
4.0-260 8 år sedan [Android] Fix Build.
4.0-259 8 år sedan Actually enable PCH.
4.0-258 8 år sedan Fix my fix.
4.0-257 8 år sedan Fix an issue where my recent changes would cause compilation to fail on some distros of Linux.
4.0-256 8 år sedan Really fix the Linux build this time.
4.0-255 8 år sedan Fix Linux build.
4.0-254 8 år sedan Add header cstdint to CommonTypes.h
4.0-253 8 år sedan Remove some more includes.
4.0-252 8 år sedan Clean up includes in DiscIO as much as possible.
4.0-251 8 år sedan Remove unnecessary include of "../../Core/Src/ConfigManager.h" from BannerLoaderGC.cpp. In actuality, all that was needed here was an include of CommonTypes.h.
4.0-250 8 år sedan Clean out unnecessary includes from the DSP JIT.
4.0-249 8 år sedan Woops forgot to clean out some files in the Jit64IL. All clean now.
4.0-248 8 år sedan Clean out includes from regular JitCommon.
4.0-247 8 år sedan Clean out includes in JitILCommon.
4.0-246 8 år sedan Remove some more unnecessary includes, as well as organize a little more.
4.0-245 8 år sedan Remove some unnecessary includes as well as simplifying exisiting ones if possible.
4.0-244 8 år sedan Update Global Melee Netplay Settings to add Pokemon Stadium. (There is probably a better way to manage this.)
4.0-243 8 år sedan Don't define __rdtsc if x86intrin.h already does.
4.0-242 8 år sedan Remove a redundant assignment in Init() within PowerPC.cpp. We already assign zero to ppcState.dtlb_last.