3.5-1286 8 år sedan Have our EGL interface use our logging functions.
3.5-1285 8 år sedan Add Swedish to Windows build system.
3.5-1284 8 år sedan Add Swedish translations.
3.5-1283 8 år sedan Fix parameter naming in DSPEmulator.h. Should be "HLE" in CreateDSPEmulator's prototype, not "LLE".
3.5-1282 8 år sedan Merge branch 'dspjit'
3.5-1270 8 år sedan Allow runtime setting of fastmem in ARM and disable since it seems to be causing issues again. Cortex-A9 only?
3.5-1269 8 år sedan Fix a build issue with options -DUSE_EGL=True -DUSE_GLES=True
3.5-1268 8 år sedan Fix making the config directory so copying over assets won't fail.
3.5-1267 8 år sedan Enforce landscape view since rotations cause huge issues atm.
3.5-1266 8 år sedan Fix a bunch of random typos in comments and logging.
3.5-1265 8 år sedan Add a fastmem option for enabling and disabling fastmem at runtime.
3.5-1264 8 år sedan Update the ant files to build the APK from terminal
3.5-1263 8 år sedan Update translation files from Transifex, and update the pot file from the source code again.
3.5-1262 8 år sedan Update AndroidManifest to v0.2
3.5-1261 8 år sedan Android Clang doesn't support TLS, so do the same thing as OSX.
3.5-1260 8 år sedan Fix clang building the std headers.
3.5-1259 8 år sedan Clang uses __clear_cache instead of __builtin___clear_cache like GCC
3.5-1258 8 år sedan Adjust some files being built or not to fix clang on Android.
3.5-1257 8 år sedan Update libpng to 1.2.50 so it can be built with Clang 3.2
3.5-1256 8 år sedan Tweaked the aram dma exception timing to fix the hang that occurred in Viewtiful Joe.